Our 3.2m MK III Aquastrike Inflatable boats comes standard with the following accessories and quality features.

- Strong Aluminium Flooring
- 2 Seats
- 2 Aluminium Oars
- Under Seat Bag with Seat Cushion
- Bow Bag (Nose storage bag)
- Air Pump
- 1 x Carry Bag
- Repair Kit
- Anchor Rope
- Anchor Roller and Roller Fender
- Fuel Tank Holder Strap and Mat
- Safety Air Relieve Valve
- Large D Ring
- 2 x Smaller D Rings
- Double layer material on bottom of pontoons
- Double thick double striped protection side and bottom fender (Best the market has to offer)
- Strong thick roping system on pontoons for hold on and to accommodate a sun canopy.