Boat Range

Product Overview

Aquastrike boats are manufactured from the latest and best technology the inflatable boat market has to offer. Manufactured to precision, the following qualities make them stand out from its competitors:

– Excellent stability and weight carrying specifications. (Well suited for standing during casting/fishing while the boat is not in motion)

– Strong removable re-enforced aluminium flooring.

– All pontoons are heat welded since 2016 .

– Quick and easy to inflate/assemble and deflate/disassemble.

– Our boats are CE Internationally Certified.

– Manufactured from thick 1050gsm heavy duty fabric.

– The boat have 3 individual air compartments plus 1 with the inflatable keel. (The inflatable keel makes the boat extremely rigid trough rough waters)

– Thick double lined side protection fender reduces the risk of wear on the pontoons while your boat is moored against a jetty.

– A safety air relief valve is fitted to reduce excessive expanding of air pressure in the pontoons. (Technology designed to accommodate high temperature conditions) (This is a very rare feature found in inflatable    boats)

– Aquastrike have only light colour (no black) accessories fitted on the boats including the transom mount fittings. Therefore designed to withstand high temperature conditions and excellent UV resistance.

– The removable oars are fitted on oarlocks on the side of the pontoons featuring a mechanism that allows the boat to be used as a rowboat as well.

– Strong handles are fitted as well as a strong hold on rope system.

– Aquastrike Boats is designed for any suitable application such as a sport boat, yacht tender, diving or scuba tender, bass boat, specimen boat, fly-fishing boat etc.

– The roping system can accommodate a sun canopy to be fitted as an option extra. (Sun canopies fit onto 3.2m and 3.8m models standard set-up).

– We can add several of additional accessories (Optional Extras) to your boat that suits your requirements such as rod holders, cup holders, bow mount trolling bracket and trolling motor for the bass enthusiast,      extra under seat bag with seat cushion, life jackets, anchors, etc.

– We issue a buoyancy certificate free of charge at the time when purchasing a new Aquastrike Inflatable Boat.