Sunelexe Trolling Motors

Product Overview

The following quality features makes Sunelexe Trolling Motors stand out above the rest of its competitors.

- All- copper rotor in the head of the motor for long lasting life and endurance
- Flexible and High strength fibre glass composite shaft
- Hidrodynamically 3 blade weed-less propeller
- 5 Speed forward, Neutral and 3 speed reverse.
- Carbon brush manufactured by USA Morgan which lifetime expectance is double compare to other brands. Can run continuously for over 500 hours.
- Dupont fibreglass reinforced nylon mounting bracket, which is also much lighter than the conventional steel ones.
- 10-LED Meter lights with Warning Beeper sound when battery is low.
- Connectors between wires and switches are manufactures by AMP Tech in the USA. This is the same technology used in the aircraft industry on aircrafts that is more reliable than welding.
- High strength battery clamps for stability and up to 30% more energy efficient than the standard type.
- With 5-squire meter AWM standard cable from the USA and UL certified.
- Can be used in both salt water and fresh water.
- 12 months warranty

Models Available

36lbs & 58lbs

Sunelexe Trolling Motors